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Record Rummage: Box 1

As a music enthusiast, I have quite the collection gigs tickets, T-shirts and other memorabilia. However, one item I have literally none is if records. Now I'm willing to put my hand up and say that I would break a record player within 0.2 seconds. That's why I'm not allowed to go near my dads. But I've always admired his record collection and browsing the different genres and artists he is a fan of.


This box is home to my dads most played records. Meaning its mostly rock. Although, a few pop records have snuck their way in.

My household is heavily influenced by rock and indie music, with black sabbath, Foo Fighters and the Fratellis being blasted all through the day. So its no surprise that the record collection is dominated by rock artists. To my shock, there was also a few pop and classic rock records in the mix.

The Classics

Like all wannabe rocker dads, this collection has ACDC (all-time favourite), Queen, Led Zepplin etc. You'd be delighted to hear anything else coming out of the record player. The Queen Greatest Hits must be protected by magic to have no scratches (or just protected from me). Even though the invention of the iPod stole my dad's attention, the house is still filled with the melody of Angus killing guitar or Freddie Mercurys vocal range from time to time.

Moving onto the classic artists you forget... Rush and Dire Straits. These are the records which caught my attention. Rush. A rock band which started in the late '60s and rocked all the way through to 2018. Brought us 'Tom Sawyer' and 'Spirit of the Radio'. A record which isn't played nearly enough. Dire Straits. A British blues rock band tore apart due to sibling rivalry in 1988 and again in 1995. The slow-building rhythm of 'Brothers in Arms' is sure to have you contemplating life in your bathtub. And don't even get me started on my love for 'Sultans of Swing'. A song played daily from the iPod stationed in the kitchen.

My favourite record of all time is included in this small box. Fleetwood Mac/ Rumours. With Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood the focus of the cover it's hard to not be captivated. This album is home to 'The Chain', 'Dreams' and everyone's (me included) favourite, 'Go your own way'. Aka, banger after banger.

Odd Finds

If you wanna find out the weird side of your parents, check their record collection. Trust me. I discovered my dad has an untold love for Joseph and the Technicoloured Dream Coat and Highland Fling. I can assure you that I have never seen my dad do the Gay Gordons. Questioning him on such acquisitions just led to more questions. However, now I know who my dancing partner is at next ceilidh.

Next, we have bands which I knew more about growing up. The Wonder Stuff and Supertramp.

The Wonder Stuff. A British alt-rock band that began in the '80s. Still playing today and in 2016 brought us 'For the Broken Hearted' (tik tok dances could never). These guys have released 20 singles and counting. The British music scene is still kicking. Supertramp. Another British rock band that melded progressive rock and pop. Iconic. The name alone is enough to make you want to hear more. The music? You'll become obsessed.

I also discovered Flowered Up, minor single 'It's On'. However, the artwork caught my attention more than the music. The simple yet luminous colours force your eye's attention with the obvious outline of flowers. The music is not my style but if you love your psychedelic hits, this is for you.

Cool Artwork

We all know how influential the music on the records are. But when you're browsing the endless about of stock at the record store, it's the artwork that catches your eye first. And these artists got some of the coolest artwork on their sleeves.

First up, a classic, The Sex Pistols. Bright, bold and in your face. A true reflection of the band. These punks made sure you knew who they were no matter what genre you like. Luminous yellow background and bright pink banner for stand out lettering. You can't miss it. Now this one is a little banged up but we just say its well-


Anyone else struggle to read certain artwork fonts? Just me? Okay then. Stiff Little Fingers / Nobody's Heroes. A cover which intrigues yet confuses me. To this day my eyes can't look at it for more longer than 10 seconds yet I still continue to try. That being the case makes this artwork stand out in ways the rest don't.

Of course, The Prodigy/ Out of Space had to be included. That gradient? Stunning. The artwork told you exactly what was contained inside. (Unfortunately no aliens, I checked). The use of satellites makes the statement that their techno sound is otherworldly.

Now, the artwork which takes the cake. Prince/ LOVESEXY. Nevermind Instagram models,

Prince is perfection in this artwork. Poised on a Lilly, hair blowing. He truly was Iconic. With himself being the main attraction, he was the body confidence idol we needed. LOVESEXY is the self-confidence mantra we deserve.

As we can see my dad has influenced my music taste greatly. And for the better. Now if I can only convince him to find his other box of records.



Photos: @Thisisnotamusicalblog

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