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Rooskin: Eloise


Southend on Sea, indie surf-pop band is ready to make some waves. After a year of being locked inside, this crafty bunch is gearing to get their music out there!

‘Eloise’ is the newest single from Rooskin prepped with summer spontaneity. Frontman, Rob Humm, says the band has been itching to release this one since summer 2020! And now, with everything entering a ‘new normal’, Rooskin has decided it's the perfect time to live our best lives.

Starting off with guitar genius, Pete Anderson, groovy skills the track has an element of classic indie. Giving me very much Stone Roses ‘ I Wanna Be Adored'', the track already hits home for us music lovers. ‘Eloise’ features the ever-loved distorted guitars bringing a psychedelic feel to the single whilst Humm and Wallace work together with their vocals to provide the energy for a pop song. (Quite the skill if you ask me).

'Spend some time deciding where we wanna be when we die'

Out now the track follows the success of 2020 EP ‘Honey Spells’! This 5 piece has been impatiently waiting to release ‘Eloise’ and what a hit it is!

Rooskin have been building their fan base since 2018 and now have some groovy shows lined up, including a festival in a theme park. You best be buying tickets!

Eloise Out Now!

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