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The Bonnie Doons: The Betweeners

The Bonnie Doons.

Australia's electrifying 5 piece alt-rock band is dropping their EP ‘The Betweeners’. Containing funky beats, poetic lyrics and so much soul it’ll make your heartbeat again.

With continuing success from their EP release of ‘Face to Face’ in 2019, The Bonnie Doons are bringing us yet another hit. 4 tracks bursting with soul, jazz, rap and rhythm and blues you can become addicted if not careful (don't be careful). Wanting to be noticed in the booming noise of

the music industry, The Bonnie Doons have created a unique sound through their 90’s pop-inspired EP ‘The Betweeners.’

In September 2020, The Bonnie Doons released the first take of their EP with the single ‘Fred’. The first track to show off their new approach to music. Taking a saturated influence from the late 90’s pop era with touches of a blues baseline, ‘Fred’ became an instant summer tune.

Single ‘The Betweeners’ is their straight to the point stance on toxic relationships. As said by band member and co-writer, Torian Brewer. Dripping with slouzy guitar riffs, deep blues drum beats and sensually perfect lyrical pulse, ‘The Betweeners’ is one for the stage. (And is available for streaming now!)

On 20th November, EP ‘The Betweeners’ is free to stream, download and adore. Embrace the lyrical genius of members Torian Brewer and Kane Kennedy as they explore their new sound.

Working together like the well oiled machine they are, The Bonnie Doons have quickly gained the attention from the likes of NME Australia as Australia's hardest working new band.

The Bonnie Doons have made no promises as to when they will be returning to our stages, only that they will be returning. Lets just pray they come to the UK soon. For now, we are indulging our senses in the sultry tones of ‘The Betweeners’.

Presave 'The Betweeners' EP!! Link Below

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