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Aerosmith: I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing


A band loved and adored by many. With hits such as 'Walk This Way' giving us the attitude, we need to face our exes and 'Don't Wanna Miss A Thing' getting us in our feels. It's hard to forget the legends of Aerosmith.

The opportunity to attend Aerosmith: Deuces Are Wild show at their headline Las Vegas residency was a surreal experience. VIP tickets granted entrance to stand stage side of the masterpiece performance.

Halomix Limited Edition Headphone Case
Limited Edition Headphone Case

With Steven Tyler less than 10 feet away, it's safe to say dreams came true that night. Alongside the spectacular view of the band, you were also gifted with limited edition headphones in partnership with THX and MixHalo.

These headphones provided the mix which the audience were listening to or Steven Tyler's mix (You can guess which mix I was listening to). Listening to the stage crew stress over the unpredictable actions of Steven Tyler was funnier than expected. Having headphones meant I could listen to the performance clearly without having to see the band directly which is important for us short folk!

Time to discuss the most important part...the performance!

An Ipod in which you can listen tosteven tylers mix or the bands
The Band or Steven Tyler?

We all know rockstars are no strangers to foul language or hand gestures. The band were so chill on stage they even planned their big finished there and then! However, if it wasn't up to Steven Tyler's standards of unpredictability then it was dismissed with a quick hand gesture until he was ready.

The band played all the hits with all the attitude you'd expect from the 'Greatest Rock Band of All Time' (

With the crowd going wild from start to finish, you would be deemed insane if you didnt think it was an amazing show!

Every detail was made to create a timeless memory. The elephant floaties, the stairway to the 'attic', the piano...Its hard to forget

anything yet remember everything.

Las Vegas was the perfect setting to go see the legendary band. Selling out The Park Theatre at 5,200 capacity. Aerosmith did not disappoint.

Crowd of Aerosmith gig @ The Park Theatre, Las Vegas
Sharing a view with rockstars

(Warning: Cheesy pun below)

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