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Songwriter Circle @ The Bungalow

The Bungalow Songwriter Circle.

Linzi Clark. John Rush. Becci Walace.

This one was new. Now, I've been a part of the gig scene since my mum could make me look 14 (she was crafty) but this gig was a first. Watching 3 artists on stage together performing their own music together was a whole different version of a gig.

But before we get into that we have to applaud 12-year-old Sam. This Paisley youngster was nothing short of professional. Taking to the stage with ease, of course, we had a few wobbles

but Sam just did what he does best; sing. Giving comedy with his wit, the future Johnny Cash performed his own music and you wouldn't believe that he wasn't 40 years old.

Then, all of our songwriters took to the stage. With a set time of almost 3 hours, it was an original way of gigging. Allowing each writer to perform a track at a time and going down the line let us see each performer's individual style and personality but in a more relaxed setting.

Becci Wallace. Being the most peculiar of the trio, set off with her battle rap-inspired writing. Taking great influence from her husband, a former battle rapper, Wallace was captivating in her performance. Taking different genres such as Hispanic and Arabic beats, no song was the same from this paradox of a songwriter.

John Rush. Paisley native and 3-time Barrowland performer (and Paul Rudd lookalike), performed next. Bringing a sense of community to the performance as he chatted with the crowd and his comrades on stage. Performing his almost James-like sound, Rush was powerful. Taking us back to his younger years, Rush performed romantic works made from his personal experiences.

‘Your best song, isn't always your newest song’

And bringing it all together is vocal powerhouse, Linzi Clark. With her latest album ‘All I have Now’ out for streaming, the folk artist performed to the crowd like an old lover. Now, if you want chilling vocals, Clark is the one for you. With almost opera-like precision, Clark showcased her entire vocal range with ease. Impressive is the word you’re looking for.

With a new core memory made and new artists found, the Bungalow Songwriter Circle was a hit. If you ever get the chance to go along, I promise you will not be disappointed.


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