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Cage the Elephant: 013 Poppodium

Cage the Elephant.

A band which I have loved for longer than I actually know who they were. Back in 2018 I discovered their hit single 'Ain't No Rest For The Wicked'. Immediately in love with Shultz's raw voice. I played the song on repeat for weeks (my parents regretted having a second child).

Once I moved to Tilburg, The Netherlands, I quickly started looking for gigs that would be

happening when I was living there. Cage the Elephant were headlining Tilburgs 013 Poppodium. This venue is the largest venue in the south of The Netherlands. The main stage having a 3,000 capacity. I'd compare the set up to the likes of the 02 Academy.

Now, before I can get into the fan-girling of Cage the Elephants performance, we need to discuss the purchasing of the tickets. We've all found out about a gig too late to get tickets through Ticketmaster. Well, the Dutch and probably everyone else except the UK, have this amazing little app called Ticket Swap. The upgraded version of Twicket's. Where people post their unwanted tickets at cheaper price point. On the night of the gig, I managed to get my tickets for more than half the price! If only COVID-19 didn't exist.

With my half price, online ticket (save those tree's), in hand it was time to head to the venue. Being in a new country, new town, new venue with no understanding of the language meant we were left to find the stage on our own. Being a seasoned vet at venues, we quickly realised it would be easier to hold onto our possessions. In no time we were immersed in this diverse crowd. In a venue that was closer to a cage fight then a music venue. You were free to wonder the 2 lowest levels depending on the desired view. Being 5'4 amongst an average of 5'7 meant no matter where we stood...we were seeing peoples backs. However, people were kind enough to move as much as the could to let us see.

The lights dim, the crowd cheers and the band begin. Having done no research on the band prior to the gig I was not expecting the performance I got. These guys don't hold back. Lead singer, Matt Shultz, began with a dressing gown (or housecoat) as his outfit and ended shirtless. A feature of a mesh crop top and sunglasses just for some pizazz.

I always felt that Glasgow crowds truly were one of the best crowds to be in but the dutch just may be our rivals. As soon as the first note is played the crowd goes insane. No one is standing still. Everyone is belting out the words. The band feeding off our energy. As their hits such as 'Ain't No Rest For The Wicked' 'Trouble' 'Cold Cold Cold' are performed to perfection. The band slows things down with my personal favourite, 'Cigarette Daydreams'. This is a song which I must turn up to full volume. I must belt out every word. And yes, I am a horrible singer.

The performance ended with 'Saber ooth Tiger'. A crowd favourite. This song seemed to have a place in the hearts of the audience. Sabertooth Tiger is said to portray the embodiment of evil within a person. Hidden to the public. Which, if we take a look at the world around us, can be related to by most.

Cage the Elephant was my first (but hopefully not last) gig I attended in my short period in Tilburg. It is a memory which will forever be carried with me (deep I know). With the help of Ticket Swap, I was able to keep it student friendly. However, I do recommend you are aware of the token system for the bar.

Not many artists make it on my 'see again' list but I will definitely be seeing Cage the Elephant perform again.



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