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Chloe Mogg: Attack

Chloe Mogg.

A singer-songwriter who is getting the recognition she deserves. Releasing music since 2016, Mogg is sharing her voice with the world. Now, we can all hear the stunning vocals and emotional lyrics performed by Mogg on streaming platforms and hopefully on stage soon.

Earlier in 2020, Mogg released 2 singles: ‘Judgement Day’ and ‘Helping Hand’. Both singles which tell the story of different moments we all experience. Mogg explorers her music in the most honest way possible and strives to create a bond of trust with her audience.

Now, you can stream Moggs latest single ‘Attack’ on Spotify! A single (in my opinion) is the hardest hitting single written by Mogg to date. Detailing the painful experience of an anxiety attack, an experience you never know the extent of until you experience it yourself. Mogg, suffering from mental health issues, is using her music, specifically ‘Attack’ to show how she feels the need to apologise for her mental health. However, Attack goes on to detail that this is life and it needs to be accepted in our society.

‘I apologise in advance for the way that I’m about to act’

‘Attack’ takes on a more sensual, Christina Aguilera in Burlesque vibe with Moggs controlled vocals and intense build-up. With Mirron Webb (RAIN, Hey Jester) on guitar/bass, vocals, piano & production, and Jack Bowles (Thomas Atlas, Andy Bennett) on drums. Its difficult not to feel an emotional connection to this single. Mogg has created the perfect 90’s grunge alt-folk-rock single with an empowering message for us all.

Not only is Mogg one hell of a singer-songwriter, but she is also a music journalist, Music PR and the Co-Founder of The 7 Arts Still Exist. (Mogg really is an icon & not just for her unforgettable hair). Working tirelessly to bring awareness to mental health, Mogg is using music to heal scars, build community and be heard!

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