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Live @ The Savings Bank

Thursday, 2/12/21 (Still not believing it's December) was the rather snazzy night of B12Entertainments's 1st gig at The Savings Bank, Glasgow. Located at the cusp of the southside of Glasgow this stunning venue is teaming up with B12Entertainment for bi-monthly gigs!

Starting, and hosting, the night was former 100 Fables singer, Lyndsey Knox. Opening with a stunning performance of yet-to-be-released songs, the powerhouse was outstanding for her first gig of 2021. Knox began performing online amidst the pandemic and last week we were gladly allowed to hear her timeless vocals, lyrics, and piano accompaniment.

Next up is the youngest of the acts, Ben Walker. Walker is no stranger to us at MusicStyleUndecided and it was of no shock when he brought his A-game and performed a set of covers we all love. Including Aberdeen indie kid, Calum Bowie’s single, Dancing in the sun. Walker performed like a professional despite his new career in music, singing his stripped-back single, Start Again.

Paul Mullen took to the stage with his laidback set which featured The Verve hit, Bittersweet Symphony. With 3 singles out on Spotify, the EastKilbride Britpop King is riding high with his future release ‘Aint Caught Up On You’. All in all, Mullens lets his music do the talking.

This act was one that surprised me the most. Glasgow native, Nicola Taylor came gliding down the stairs to the stage to stun us all with her powerful vocals singing the style of R&B. Giving us strong, female boss vibes, Taylor performed her latest release ‘Flava’ in anticipation for her first album coming to you in 2022.

Next up is an up-and-coming indie-rock bank, Pizza Crunch. However, the regular foursome was halved to perform a stripped-back version of their music. Traveling from the likes of Fife and Inverness this duo was highly awaited. Coming off the high of touring Rotterdam, Pizza Crunch was thankful for the laid-back vibe of the gig. Performing their single ‘Motivational Substances’ and my personal favorite ‘Twelve Month Seasonal Depressional’, Pizza Crunch killed it!

Ending the night on a high with her wild style and even wilder voice was Carly Connor. Back and ready to take on live gigs, Connor’s voice is one you cannot ignore. Raspy, fierce, and confident this performer took to the stage like it was her home, and listening to her sing, you know it is.

Now, in case you missed this incredible night of music videos of each performance are all below! Make sure to follow everyone on social media & get yourself to their gigs!


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