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Low Light Listening Lounge Will Catch You Dead

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Credit: Cameron Brown

Low Light Listening Lounge

Missed music that you can just dance to in your kitchen, bob along to in the car or even blasted for serotonin? I have the perfect song for you.

Low Light Listening Lounge (or the 4 L’s as I like to call them) have released their debut single

Catch You Dead’. If you aren't instantly running to Spotify to stream this single, what are you doing? The duo, Ewen White and Alasdair Mackenzie, are here to ensure spring gets rid of our seasonal depression and make 2022 one of memories.

With those gorgeous vocals paired with the upbeat drums, the single has an organic quality that draws you in before you even process the lyrics! Now, the drums and guitar and all the things that make a track a banger are upbeat, the lyrics feature a more melancholic theme. Relatable from various perspectives, the duo expresses their emotions on relationships gone wrong.

They discuss their views on being the outsiders who deal with the fallout of a toxic relationship and boy is it hard.

‘And truth be told I saw the warning signs’

With more releases incoming, Low Light Listening Lounge is ready to make 2022 their year! Keeping their cards close to their chest you'll have to follow their socials in order to not miss any gigs!


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