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RexOrangeCounty in the Big Apple

RexOrangeCounty. One artist that is on every student's relaxation/studying playlist. If not, you need to update your playlist.

On my travels around the world, I stopped at the big apple: New York City. And like every tourist, I decided to wait until I got to my destination to buy my tickets. Approaching the timeless venue, Radio City Music Hall, my heart was slowly breaking (yes it is that deep) as I sold out signs everywhere. Was I proud? Of course. Heartbroken? Definitely. However, I was yet to be stopped in my pursuit for tickets to see the man who has helped me complete so many assignments, and drink too many red bulls (But we'll talk about that later). 

After discovering the entrance, admiring the vintage ambiance and finally meeting a friendly New Yorker. I quickly set myself the task of haggling anyone who looked to be in possession of The Pony Tour tickets. Fortunately for the streets of New York, this Scot got herself last-minute tickets at the box office. And she even got them cheaper than the website!    

If you're an organised, itinerary traveler like myself, then you'll be aware of the palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heaving panic levels striking through me at the thought sold out tickets. If not, count yourself lucky. But alas, I had managed to get myself and my companion tickets with a perfect view. 

The anticipation grew as my wandering around Central Park came to an end and it was time to head to the venue. Getting to my seat and seeing the amazing view we would have of the stage a relaxing moment of knowing there would be no glancing between the gaps of the fans in front. We waited and waited and waited some more as the crew did their finishing touches. Then, it began. 

The curtain dropped. Dreams came true. My playlist came to life with gorgeous LED lighting, humorous speeches and adorable moments of true appreciation for his supportive fan base. 

The fluffy cloud background portrayed the chilled sound of RexOrangeCounty's melodies. Those lyrics though. His lyrics hit in a way that even if you haven't had your understand his pain. My personal favourite, Best Friend, was a song which he kept hidden until the end. With colourful lights capturing our eyes the entire it was difficult to not feel a sense of zen. 

The audience reacted in a way I never expected for the English recording artist. Fans went wild from start to finish, although in a very civilised manner (a complete 180 to my usual mosh pit experience). The relaxed but supportive vibe was a welcomed change of pace. Enjoying the artists provide an almost musical style performance without being jostled around by people double my height was an experience I'd gladly do again. 

To bring the story to end, RexOrangeCounty provided us with a request for our complete attention. With cameras off, we all shared a moment which no one outside that room could live. A moment which will forever be kept in my box of favourites. The entire audience, die-hard fans or not, singing. 

To bring the story to an end, RexOrangeCounty gave us the encore we all needed. Upbeat, good vibes only ending. It was an adventure I recommend to all. Not only does he provide music. He provides a story. A story which everyone can relate to. 

P.S stay safe in these difficult times

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