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SLIX @King Tuts Wah Wah Hut

SLIX @ King Tuts.

Greenock sensations SLIX hit Glasgow yet again, only this time for the legendary venue King Tuts Wah Wah Hut. With a sold-out show the boys were ready to join their idols, playing the timeless stage of Glasgow.

Starting a little bit later than my 60-year-old woman soul was prepared for, 1st support Cherry

showed us what we were in for. With her chilling vocals, the solo artist performed what can only be the most natural performance I’ve ever seen. Covering the likes of Led Zeppelin her unmissed talent really blew us away.

Next up was the latest band SHE. Having only had their 1st gig back in August, also at King Tuts (what a first gig venue!) The band was ready to show off how far they’ve come. Bursting with bass and unbelievably sensual vocals, it's no wonder the stage and the crowd love them.

Now, this band we have seen before and I was ready to see what they had been up to. Scunnurt hit the stage yet again only this time with the confidence of a true rock band. Having found their sound the guys polished their ¾ timing and gave us the show we had been looking for.

SLIX. Greenock boys with nothing but success in their future took to the King Tuts stage ready for

absolute mayhem . Performing their new single ‘Maga’ from their latest EP ‘Jingle Jangle’ it was insane from the get-go. With a set packed with tune after tune, the guys had the crowd going mental. 10/10 would recommend!


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