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Speak Easy Circus: Lions Should Hunt

Speak Easy Circus.

The boys are back!! After reviewing their 2020 single ‘Neon in Daylight' I have since followed Speak Easy Circus and what a year they have had. Taking to YouTube, they release regular videos titled ‘Quarantunes’. A creative outlet for a moment of peace in this chaos we call life.

In case you missed Speak Easy Circus’s first appearance on our blog (linked below)I’ll introduce them. Coming to you from EastEnd of Glasgow, Speak Easy Circus consists of Jack Avison (guitar/ vocals/keys), Jon Wallace (sax/keys), Frazer Laurie (drums) and Chatonda Ridley (bass).

Friday 22nd of January saw the release of ‘Lions Should Hunt’. I’ve tried to come up with some savvy description of this single but there is only one word, Powerful. Tired of men being marketed to like animals, Jack Avison (guitar/vocals/keys) has taken to the mic to share his thoughts.

This single brings attention to something we often forget within the equality movement. Men are often seen as one thing, predators aka lions. ‘Lions Should Hunt’ states that men no longer live off that survival instinct. ‘Lions Should Hunt’ is a no bullsh*t statement with joyous brass overtones.

‘You’ve got a f*cking iPhone, You’re not acting on instinct’

Having a dark bassline emphasises the point being made by the lyrics whilst ‘...banging beats and funky horns to turn this depressing song into an upbeat dance funk anthem.’ (Jack Avison). But let's discuss my favourite section, that rap bridge into a sexual sax solo. WOW. Speak Easy Circus throw everything they’ve got into this single and you can feel it. Taking inspiration from orchestral brass sections, they come together to perform a perfect crescendo bringing that element of musical power.

Speak Easy Circus is tired of the harmful marketing ploys brought to us by the minds of the dollar. ‘Lions Should Hunt’ is the message we need to show men are no longer predators and women are no longer prey.

Stream ‘Lions Should Hunt’ now!!

P.s Want to see Speak Easy Circus live? They are performing over on our Facebook page on 06/02/2021!!!


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