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Bands You Should Know About: Part 2

Updated: May 15, 2020

We're back it. Informing you about all the weird and wonderful music you should know about. Scotland is an interesting place when it comes to music. We support all genres, vibes and sizes of bands. This post shows who I've found to be rather eye-catching in the music scene.

Nathan McDermott

First off we have Nathan McDermott. This guy is the definition of the word talented. Nathan is a young singer/songwriter from Stevenston, North Ayrshire. A place much overlooked in Scotland, yet houses so much young talent. Back in January, Nathan released his single 'Scotland'.

The single was written whilst Nathan was on holiday and began missing the comforts of Scotland. His writing is glorious in describing the wonders of Scotland and the details we often forget.

Nathan is quickly finding his voice in the industry. The songwriter and his manager, Mark Mckee are working closely to bring us new, original music, gigs and possibly an EP. I cannot wait to watch the journey of this lads career and where he goes as an artist!

The Capollos

This 4 piece from Aberdeen is rocking its way through the music scene. Thes guys have been gigging since 2014 and are no stranger to the spotlight. Winning Northsound's One To Watch 2015 award The Capollos have been bringing their alt-rock style to venues around Scotland for years.

To make our days brighter, The Capollos are giving us stripped-back covers of our (and their) favourite songs. Check it over on their Facebook page! They also keep us rocking with their weekly isolation playlists on Spotify.

Their latest single ' Addiction' attracted almost 22,450 listens! This is a banger which will be played at their rescheduled Aberdeen dates, 21st & 22nd of August. Hopefully we'll be allowed to travel by then and you'll find me in the front row! Maybe in the the bar...drinking a gin and lemonade. The Capollos have also secured a spot at the Stag n Dagger festival, taking place in November.

After being in touch with the guys themselves, I have been promised that new music is coming soon! Hang in there guys! I advise you all to keep an eye on their social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Spotify) for updates. I'm already following.

SpeakEasy Circus

Now, this 2 piece is an interesting find. With a strong indie presence, these 2 musicians are incorporating jazz and punk elements. Interesting? Yes. Funky? Yes. Brilliant? Hell yes! SpeakEasy Circus bring different genres together like nothing done before. These guys are ones to watch in the Scottish music scene.

The guys released their summer single 'Neon in the Daylight' last month. This one is a hit for sure! A heavy jazz influence gives this single the easy-going vibe of a summer day. Unfortunately due to the current circumstances, well just have to blast it through our speakers at the household BBQs instead of jamming at a festival.

'Neon in the Daylight', like the rest of Speaky Easy Circus music, was recorded in their Glasgow based studio/apartment. They prefer the raw, DIY vibe of the band and their music (A vibe I can get behind).

To keep themselves (and us) entertained, SpeakEasy Circus have been uploading a video series to YouTube: Quarantunes. A short video of them performing their smooth music. These guys are taking their creativity to new levels! With a personal point of view from the camera and an insight into how the guy's record. We are being given insider access!

Clearly, Scotland has just too much talent. If there ever could be such a thing. There are so many artists, musicians, songwriters out there and I wish I could write about them all!

These guys are my personal select few that have sparked my interest over the last couple of months and I have no doubt they'll be all over our Spotify's' soon.

Check out Part 1 to discover even more Scottish bands!



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