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Stereo Fire: I Listen To Arctic Monkey's

Stereo Fire.

Rockin n Rollin, indie-punk band from Ayr, Scotland are coming out swinging. Here to make sure we are ready for winter gigs ( we take what we can get), Stereo Fire is bringing punk-pop back into our lives.

Last August saw the release of the debut single ‘Metaphor’. A classic pop-punk special. Recorded in the homes of the band, the single unleashed the force that is Stereo Fire with no plans in stopping. Featuring our beloved sound of scratchy guitars and upbeat drums, its no surprise the single has been loved and cherished by fans ever since.

Not ones to wait, the band quickly set out to release their latest single ‘I Listen To Arctic Monkeys’. Kicking off full force with drums, guitar and bass, the intro sets the tone for the entire band: Chaotic good. With the intention of telling their story, lead singer Leah Batty shares that ‘I Listen To Arctic Monkeys' is one of her favourite songs to write.

‘ I don't follow rules, I make them and break them’

The single keeps its 2000’s punk vibe with its DIY recording and shows influence from that of Biffy Clyro and obviously, Arctic Monkeys. The single is a 100% banger from start to finish. With references to punk classics like ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know’, I already know ‘I Listen To Arctic Monkeys’ would be a festival favourite. But for now, we can settle to blasting it through our speakers at garden parties.

Not to worry, Stereo Fire has already got live performances planned. We have been saved! With the global pandemic halting all plans of gigs and studio time, the band are rearing to get on stage and make memories. Follow them on Insta and Facebook to know where you need to be and when for these epic gigs in the making! (linked below)!

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