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KAMORA: Incomplete


Glasgow indie-rockers. Working together since 2016. Although 2019 saw the official announcement of KAMORA.

Since the release of their debut single ‘Wild Things’ in the later months of 2019, KAMORA has seen tremendous success. Even throughout the end of the world. Gaining recognition from the likes of Little Indie and Fame Magazine! KAMORA have a goal in mind and no one is going to stop them.

Today, we are going to discuss the latest release from KAMORA, their 2020 single ‘Incomplete’. I really was incomplete before I found these guys. ‘Incomplete’ was written about the unrealistic expectations of life. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be perceived in a certain way when really, does it matter? ‘Incomplete’ explains that it's unrealistic to imagine meeting these expectations and to be patient with ourselves, whether the pressure is from within or those around us (self-love but make it indie-rock).

The intro to ‘Incomplete’ is something to fall in love with. Creating a smooth build-up of polyphonic layering, KAMORA have expertly produced a blended masterpiece. Although, they show they aren’t afraid to strip it back throughout the chorus, giving their vocalist (Max Murphy) the chance to take the spotlight. Bringing back the intense depth that is the bassline is the talented Chris Edwards.

Accompanied by a music video that is a reflection of the single. Kept simple and showing off the boys best angles, ‘Incomplete’ is simple yet effective.

With the success of 2020 propelling them forward, KAMORA are sure to be seen driving the Glasgow music scene. As of now you can stream ‘Incomplete’ on all streaming platforms and catch the video on youtube (links below)


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