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Sub Blvck: Fallback EP

Sub Blvck.

Kilmarnock, Scotland's latest up and coming industrial techno artist. A new genre for us indie-rock loving fans. With no skill being left unmastered, Sub Blvck has produced, recorded and designed for his new EP 'Fallback'. Sub Blvck is also the founder of Blvck Cult Records. A techno/house focused record company with a focus on bringing techno music to the work.

Available now!! Sub Blvck is bringing you a techno/house wonder. 4 tracks that have you in the mood for a night of non-stop movement. Starting off with ‘Down Below’, Sub Blvck sets the town for his latest EP. With a slow build into what can only be described as a classic EMD sound.

Next, we have my favourite out of the 4, ‘Drone’. Starting off with a distorted beat, the track is quick to turn polyphonic. ‘Drone’ takes a range of sounds from everyday life, the ringing of a bell, alarms etc and brings them together to create sonic dance beats. If you’re a dance music lover, having a few drinks on a Saturday night or a Tuesday (it is lockdown after all), ‘Fallback’ EP is definitely for you!

The EP also includes a collaboration. Sub Blvck and Furgi, a composer and producer from Kilmarnock came together to bring you a summer banger. Track ‘Granite’ is on the more low key side, although I still found myself bobbing along whilst I did my research. The track features a strong disco bassline, upbeat yet subdued to fit the house music vibe. ‘Granite’ is a song that could entice even the most hardcore indie lover to dip their foot in the EDM pool.

With a strong industrial inspiration, it's hard to fault ‘Fallback’ as the techno soundtrack of 2021. Sub Blvck has truly created a rave you can listen to at any time, anywhere.

You can purchase 'Fallback' on Bandcamp now for just £3.99!! Link Below!


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