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St. Clements: "Great" Britain

St. Clements.

5-piece piece indie-pop band taking the Glasgow music scene by storm. Banding together in 2017, this group of trendy, musically inclined individuals have brought you bangers such as ‘Toad’, ‘Alice’s Underwhelming Friday’ and ‘Carwash Disco’. Stick around to find out about their 4th single.

Since meeting at Kelvingrove College in 2017, the band have rarely been apart and have been making move after move for the past 3 years. Winning the love of their fans on Instagram, to gaining over 4,500 streams non their single ‘Alice’s Underwhelming Friday’! I think it’s also safe to say they have clearly owned the colour yellow. From the band logo to the co-ordinated photoshoot outfits.

March 12th. Not a date important to many but to us St.Clements fans its the date of a highly awaited release. ‘”Great” Britain’ a political yet not political single. Written for those who are politically inclined..aka me. Taking the point of view of the youth of Britain and how we are seeing the rapid decline in our governments and our cities.

‘I look around my country is not my country anymore’

Let’s talk vocals. Wow. Those lead female vocals bring depth and power to the lyrics which not many can provide. Taking full ownership of the soulful vocals and pairing them with a light-hearted indie-pop beat is a bit of a juxtaposition (making my English teacher proud). St. Clements took an important, although, boring topic and made it a summer anthem? Genius!

Something which I find rather interesting is that “Great” Britain allows the vocals and drums to be the main focus of the single. Keeping a fast-paced, rock-inspired beat, the drums bring forth that itching feeling to dance. Accompanied by a pop guitar riff, its hard to sit still and not imagine being in a crowd. Something which St.Clements are currently working to make possible!

Now, one thing these guys have down to a science is music videos. “Great” Britains music video is definitely in my top 5! Inspired by the hours spent playing video games in lockdown, St. Clements wrote, starred and edited the video. If you are looking for (which you are) a video to make you laugh and fall in love with a new Glasgow indie-pop band, this is the one for you.

Check out “Great” Britain now!



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