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Through The Decades

Through The Decades: In support of Alzheimer’s Society UK

MusicStyleUndecides first-ever live event! When starting the night off of course there had to be a technical difficulty but that's showbiz! The night was then smooth sailing with our acts bringing a touch of gig life to our Saturday night.

As a music student, I was challenged with organising events which hold a value within the industry. Taking this as an opportunity to show the public the ways in which music can be used as therapy.

Taking place on our Facebook Page, Through The Decades starred insanely talents artists. Some of which have been featured on our page before. Jack Vize kicked off the night with discover of Ocean Colour Scene. Keeping things chill with an acoustic set and his artistic charm.

Next up we have the Glasgow based jazz/indie blend, Speak Easy Circus. Taking charge quickly, these guys showcased their unique sound. Stripping it back to basics they performed their hits ‘ Lions Should Hunt’ and a cover of Bill Withers 'Ain't No Sunshine’. Quickly gaining the hearts of the crowd of all ages, Speak Easy Circus finished by sharing their love for the cause.

To finish off a fantastic night, Allan Purvis took to the camera? With much demand from the crowd, Purvis performed his 2020 hit single ‘MOET’ (check out the review here) along with ‘Runaways’. A charming set which gave a Saturday night in lockdown some much-needed excitement. To seal the deal, Purvis snuck in a world favourite, that's right world favourite, Neil Diamonds ‘Sweet Caroline’! He really does know how to please a crowd.

Now, why Alzheimer’s Society UK? Over 40 years of providing care and providing care, Alzheimer’s Society UK is now looking to dedicate £150 million into researching for a cure over the next decade. With only £90 per year being invested in research, it’s clear they need some help.

As a music student, it was only right I did some research of my own into music as therapy in regards to Alzheimer’s. In 2014 the iPod Project saw the production of documentary Alive Inside: The Story of Music and Memory. However, that's not the most interesting part! Various ‘experiments’ have been conducted where patients with Dementia/ Alzheimer’s are split into 2 groups. 1 group listening to music regularly, the other completing daily tasks as normal. The group exposed to music over a period of time saw an impact in their long term memory. We can also see immediate effects as the right music is known to calm the individual and have an effect on their apathy.

Let’s make it more personal. Think about your gran, granda, nan whoever is close to that age and that you hold dear. How do they respond to their favourite music being played? They appear to change right in front of your eyes in the most wonderful way. Music really does have the ability to transport you back Through The Decades.

With this event, I hoped to ease the stresses of lockdown but also highlight the impact music has on our lives. You may not think anything of it now but soon, music may be the only thing you associate with your memories.

So, please help us raise funds for Alzheimer’s Society UK to aid in their research and in caring for those suffering.


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