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Are You A Non-Beliver?

Mide Houlihan.

Clonakilty native, Mide Houlihan, is seeing the other side of the pandemic with her latest single ‘Non-Believers’. The Irish folk singer has created a single with a bit of a twist.

‘Non-Belivers’ is the 2021 single from singer-songwriter Houlihan and you are going to love it! Released on 24th November, the Irish folk performer is set for success. Following the release of the romantic single ‘Idle Words’, Houlihan has created a work of self-reflection and self-recognition.

Dealing with the process of reflecting on one's life throughout lockdown, the single deals with the struggles and the triumphs of finally being true to yourself. With the acoustic guitar opening us to being raw and vulnerable, the drums quickly set those dark overtones. Houlihan's strong, compelling vocals work with, not against, the accompaniment to build a deeply moving work.

‘It's a desperate reach to feel somewhat needed, We are indiscreet, We are Non- Believers’

Early 2022 is the time to see Mide Houlihan live with the organisation of an Irish tour in the works. There is also the much-anticipated release of the EP 'Trampoline’ which I personally cannot wait for! You are not going to want to miss anything created by this creative, keep in the loop through Houlihan's socials linked below!


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