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Julia-Maria: 'With Me' Self Discovery Journey

Julia Maria.

Cork's stunning singer-songwriter, Julia-Maria is back with this gorgeous self-love story titled ‘With Me’. Julia-Maria is a true Irish singer, using music as a way of expression of growth.

After the success of the debut single ‘Faithless Follower’, Julia-Maria is in the rise of her career. Working with the pandemic as a way of launching her music career, Maria is ready to show her art. Taking strong influence from Joni Mitchell and Eva Cassidy, the single is delicate yet powerful.

Released early this October, the single is perfect for those wrapped up by the fire or those burning the midnight oil studying (aka me). With soft guitar riffs paired with Julia Maria's gorgeous vocals, the single resonates with everyone on their self-love journey. Recorded at Moniques Studios, ‘ With Me’ was set to be a success from the get-go, staying true to Julia-Maria’s core.

“We wanted to keep it simple while maintaining the intensity of the song’s message. We wanted to invite the listener into the inner dialogue, and let them get lost in flowing piano lines and the warmth of the double bass”~ Julia -Maria

Julia-Maria is on her way to owning her voice and her music. With the current release of EP ‘With Me’ in conjunction with the self-titled single, 2021 is the year for Julia-Maria.


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