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I.M The Artist's Journey to Tokyo

I.M the Artist.

London-based artist, I.M the artist is the latest and coolest creative. Living for self-expression through art, I.M the artist takes us on a journey with her new single ‘Tokyo’.

Making music from my mess’ ~ I.M the Artist.

Inspired by the fast-paced thrill of heist movies, ‘Tokyo’ is a grunge-pop single made for movie soundtracks. Accompanied with a self-directed music video, I/M the artist captures a full 360 of the life those movies portray.

'Catching bodies, Taking names, Are you scared that we're the same?'

The single tells the tale of someone who is unsatisfied with life and seeking the adrenaline found in dangerous situations. The dark yet relative themes of this single connect I.M the artist and the audience in an almost personal way. This dark and mysterious single showcases I.M the artist's incredible talent and edgy vocals, supported by R&B-inspired beats. ‘Tokyo’ is the vibe.

After the success of debut EP ‘Self-Made’, I.M the artist is well underway to achieving her goals. Join I.M on this expressive & emotional journey through music and self-discovery!


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