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As We Grow With Arbor Green

Arbor Green

West Highland indie-folk band, Arbor Green have quite the story to tell.

After the release of the stunning ‘Margaret’ at the beginning of 2021, New Year's Day to be exact, the band has seen nothing but support since. In December of 2021, they began a Kickstarter to raise funds for the physical release of their debut album ‘As We Grow’, raising 200% of their target.

‘As We Grow’ released March 4th, is a traditionally inspired folk album and it is as heartwarming as it is heart-wrenching. Songwriter Ali Begg, writes with every cell in his being, sharing his pain in dealing with grief and his own mental health. Producing music with such gravity and nostalgia, you don't want to turn it off. And you won't.

With 10 tracks of pure honesty and emotion, the album surges the feelings we keep deep within. Allowing Beggs deep bass vocals to harmonise with the accompaniment, the Scottish accent pushes through and brings the album fully into the traditional folk genre. Obsessed.

Now that we are all in love with Arbor Green, you're probably wondering when they are playing. Unfortunately, there are no indicators of live gigs after the launch of this stunning debut album which upsets me way more than you would think! But I have no doubt that 2022 is the year we see Arbor Green headlining venues around Glasgow and beyond!





As We Grow Album

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