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Black Dove & Strange Dimensions: Man -on Inverclyde & Womans Aid Inverclyde Gig!

This week we are adding a little bit of spice. Working with B12Entertainment to bring you a special virtual gig in support of…

B12Entertainment is a music promotions company based in the West of Scotland. Taking charge of the up and coming music scene. B12Entertainment has been building its roster full of Scotland's greatest. These acts include this week's focus, Black Dove and Strange DImensions.

Black Dove.

Inverclyde based, indie-rock band. Black Dove have been storming their way through the music scene for quite some time. You might have caught them performing at Battle of the Bands, Glasgows legendary King Tuts or even touring Scotland. If not, where the hell have you been?

Let's go back in time a little bit and reminisce. It’s 2015. Summer. The sun is out, live music and large gatherings aren’t illegal. You find out that Fake Festival is coming to your home town with local and tribute acts performing all day. Black Dove are announced and what do they do? They absolutely smash their cover of Jet ‘ Are You Gonna Be My Girl?’. Life is good.

Over the last few years, Black Dove, have seen immense success in releasing their own music. Including bangers like ‘FAKE ID’ which can be found on Spotify and Youtube (linked below). They have performed on BBC Introducing, had radio play and showed the Scottish music scene the future.

When talking to the guys of Black Dove, they started telling the secrets of going on tour. I'm kidding, what secrets? Bands don’t have secrets… During the This Feeling tour, the guys took to the stage in Aberdeen.

‘...We couldn’t quite believe it, we were so buzzing to get on stage and play and when we did to all these people who had never heard of us before went mental’

Now, if you haven’t managed to catch the lads performing live, you have your chance! B12Entertainment got the band together and recorded an indie lovers dream. Going live on the B12Entertainments Facebook Page at 8pm on Saturday 20.02.2021!!

Strange Dimensions.

Another Inverclyde based 4 piece band. So much talent in one town. Strange DImensions, although only forming in February of 2020, have been making themselves known in the music scene.

Whilst most bands are out of school and exploring their options as musicians through college, Strange Dimensions are starting their success early. Being in the last year of school, these 4 want it all.

Forming a band in lockdown. No gigs. No studio sessions. No jam sessions. You might be questioning how are these guys making it? Strange Dimensions are taking full advantage of what the online world has to offer. Taking to social media (linked below) the band are engaging their fans constantly. Using live streams and pre-recorded sets such as their WeeTownsSession over in Dunoon, Strange Dimensions are killing it.

Now, what do these guys have to offer our scratchy guitar loving ears? Their debut single ‘ See You At The End’ brings forward that teamwork of drums and bass merging with the melodies from the guitars really takes you to ‘Strange DImensions’. (Puns are safe in this space).

In December, the band and I met up (socially distanced of course) at their recording of this fantastic set they have lined up for Saturday to discuss their future plans. The band had their eyes set on performing to a live crowd with the progression to touring. They might be set back a few months but Strange Dimensions will be in a town near you soon enough!

20.02.2021. 8 pm. B12Entertainments Facebook Page. The place to catch Strange Dimensions and Black Dove’s set in support of Man On Inverclyde and Inverclyde Womans Aid!!


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