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Bands You Should Know: Part 1

Scotland. A place with a such an electric music scene its hard not be involved. Its difficult to walk through the streets of Glasgow or any other city and not watch the buskers belt out their tunes, play their instruments and just show off their talent.

The live music scene of Scotland is massive from small venues such as The Garage Attic & The Official 13th Note all the way to the Glasgow Hydro. However, if you want to find the new music that you're going to be listening to in a few months time, the smaller venues are where its at.

I've went on a mission during this world pandemic to discover the bands we all need to be talking about.

Paris Street Rebels.

This 4 piece from Fyfe was born in 2017 and has since created quite the revolution. Made up of Kevin Murphy (Vocals/ Guitar), Grant 'G' Malcolm (Vocals/Guitar), Jordan 'Jazz' McLean (Bass Guitar) and Cameron Gaudin (Drums). These lads aren't afraid to make their voices be heard. Releasing their latest single 'Villains' on February 28th, the band have seen great success!

When the 4 aren't out gigging and giving us the show we need to express our millennial rage. They are recording in 7 West Studios in Glasgow. As Glasgow has become, undoubtedly the home of punk, the band have aided in leading the re-emergence of the prolific genre.

On Friday 24th April the guys released the tale of their story so far in a documentary with Tongue Twister Films. IN IT FOR THE MONEY is a documentary taking you on the journey of the rock n roll band from the beginning to now (My Friday night sorted). With a rebellious twist of


Paris Street Rebels will be playing the last of their 4 date tour on the later dates of May. Taking their message to Dundee, Glasgow and ending in Dumferline. Giving the people something to look forward to in our time of need. Thanks boys!

This fearless group are ones to watch over the next coming months with new music to be released and venue roofs to be blown off. They're planning to show us exactly what this generation is missing and I cannot wait.


A rock n roll 4 piece band from Airdrie,Glasgow. With an upcoming EP release including singles Your Sides, Moscow and Control in the next few months the band is seeing success. Paragon are currently working on releasing their EP, which will include single Moscow and Your Sides. The band have raked in over 10,000 streams on Spotify and have no signs of slowing down!

On January 24th the rock n rollers released their latest single Control (10/10 would recommend). This single has quickly worked its way onto my playlist. The band hold true to their rock roots with a heavy drum beat and sensual guitar riff, its hard not to play it on repeat. This unique sound is sure to have you craving that gig atmosphere within the first 5 seconds.

The Paragon members show their talent as several members have played various roles. Aidan (original member) is their lead guitarist, Murray began as a drummer and has progressed to lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist with Cammy Bell replacing him on drums. Next we have Ben, showing the boys how its done on the bass guita

r. Each member is critical in giving a memorable gig.

Wanna see the rock band live? Catch them at their upcoming gig at The Official 13th Note in the next coming months! With the date postponed due to the present circumstances, Paragon are working to bring us a new date to show off their talent (mosh pits included).

The Ranzas.

This Glasgow born band is coming out with new music in a niche genre, I'm sure we are going to be shocked by...New wave indie fuzz pop. However strange the name, this band are killing it. Lyle, Murray, Connor and Julie are taking the genre by the horns!

Their new single Sunshine was released on April 24th, timed perfectly for summer. This song is going to be on full volume during my road trips (fingers crossed). The message to enjoy life at its fullest is strong and is something we all need in these times. This will definitely be played at BBQ's across the country!

The Ranzas have been gracing our ears with their music since 2014 and racked up quite the fan base across the UK. Releasing singles Favourite Song, One You Miss, Sinner and Money the band are well on their way to success. There's even a cover of Lewis Capaldi's Bruises with some Ranzas flavour. Mums everywhere approve.

After the success of their debut tour last Autumn, The Ranzas can be seen headlining Room 2 in Glasgow on 19th September and Sneaky Petes in Edinburgh on September 11th.

Ill be there, will you?

As we can evidently see, Scotland is saturated with talent. From punk, to rock n roll to Indie fuzz pop we are at no short of musical genius. With the current world pandemic who knows how long before we get the pre-gig adrenaline again. Go show our Scottish rock stars some love by streaming their music & watching the Facebook/Instagram lives!

You can find all the bands on Facebook/ Instagram with current updates on music, gigs and other projects!





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