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Christie Oliver Bites with 'Venom'

Christie Oliver.

You remember the chokehold that Carrie Underworlds ‘Before He Cheats’ has on us in the 2000s? Christie Oliver is ready to push Underwoods off the top spot with her latest release.

The 20 -year-old singer-songwriter has been moving up the charts throughout 2021 with the hit single ‘White Lies’ and she's showing no signs of stopping. 2022 is the year of Oliver, starting with the single ‘Venom’. Released on the 4th of March the song has racked up 1,500 streams!

Venom’ is a fast-paced, sensual track expressing the toxicity of one-sided relationships. The exhausting act of asking that one person for the love and commitment that you show them, then once you’ve had enough, cutting ties & going through the process of finding yourself again. Know your worth, people! This concept of ‘I can change you’ is paired with the raw vocals of Oliver and those country-rock chords, ‘Venom’ makes you feel like you can take on the world..and you can.

‘You don't know me now that I'm living my own life’

Jam-packed with influences like Amy McDonald and Paolo Nutini, it's no wonder the country-rock star is ready to take on the world. After amazing support gigs with the likes of JJ Gilmore and Joshua Grant, Oliver is prepped and ready for a year of festivals and headline gigs!


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