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Street- rocker trio with a knack for making bangers. Brought to you from the backstreets of the Adelaide's, with their cool new sound and aesthetic these brothers are ready to take over the world.

We are going to try something new and the guys answer some questions put together by yours truly (It's me, Emma, in case you were wondering). Then we can move on to the all-important music section.

1. Who/ What pushes you guys to make music?

‘Us three are continually invested in trying to write and create songs that people can find

relatable. Adelaide has a rich history of accomplished musicians and artists and we idolize

those who have paved the way!’

2. When writing/ performing, what's your favourite part of the process?

‘Writing for us is always changing, most of the time we come together at a band prac and throw all of our ideas around, hoping one of them sticks. When performing, we judge ourselves on our live shows so we always keep looking for ways to get the crowd engaged and boppin’

3. Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years?

‘We like to keep it simple and not look to far ahead, but ideally touring Australia playing sold-out shows at the top venues, as well as play regionally.’

4. Tell us something no one knows about SYCAMORE.

‘We have been playing together since we were 5 years old, our first gig at Jacko’s sister's 21st birthday. We did cover gigs at local festies, weddings, and parties up until 2018. We then decided to start ‘SYCAMORE’ and start writing our own songs and represent the foothills of Adelaide. Ryan and Jackson had schoolies festival a while back, Chris drove the hour to Victor to pick them up, play the gig back in Adelaide, then drive all the way back to Victor that night. Never sit in the back seat when someone is vomiting out the front window…’

As you can tell, these guys arent afraid of putting in a little bit of graft and never let the party end!

With the release of their self-titled EP earlier this year, SYCAMORE is more than ready to hit the stage. With their infectious sound of fist-pumping guitar, pop-rock vocals, and feet stomping drums, I dare you to say you aren’t a fan. Go on.

Be sure to check out SYCAMORE now!


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