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iLana Armida: Summertime Love

iLana Armida.

LA-based r&b badass, iLana Armida has released her latest hit & I’ve got all the details!

With achievements such as writing for Doja Cat, yes THE Doja Cat, and performing alongside the likes of Lil’ Dicky, this pop star has the know-how to make a summer banger. This girl boss also has a background in music business (twinning with yours truly) and is set to release her music through her own label ‘ Eastpark Entertainment’.

Detailing the crossing paths of two lovers, Armida captures the art of storytelling through music. ‘Summer Love’ transports you to the LA sunshine and palm trees. Perfect for listening to at the pool or at the beach.

Starting off airy with the main percussion being performed with maracas, Armida has you vibing instantly. Now let's talk vocals. Ugh yes! Keeping everything lowkey, Armida uses her lyrics and quick rhythm to make us fall in love. Using thoughtful yet effortless layering of vocals, synthesizers you can't help but have sway and a bop of the shoulders to this track.

With over 1 million Spotify streams after the success of singles ‘High No More’ and ‘Umami Mami’, iLana Armida is set for stardom.


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