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Myla Vie is over making 'Mistakes'

Myla Vie.

Essex R&B artist is bringing fresh new sounds and vibes to the scene. Meshing honest lyrics with chilled out melodies, Myla Vie is bringing 90’s R&B to the 21st century.

After amazing success during 2020 with singles ‘ Real Love’ and ‘Pills’, Vie is releasing her latest track ‘Mistakes’. Crowned BBC Introducing Weekly Vibe, the single is one for triumph. ‘Mistakes’ discusses topics that we all, no matter our gender or sexuality, go through. Dating. And not meeting people in bars dating. Dating apps dating. Myla Vie talks about how easy it is to make ‘Mistakes’ during dating and the ease of moving on through dating apps. But she makes you feel like a bad b*tch in the process.

‘I’ll be loving and doing what I like’

The single is a continuous layering of sensual vocals, all Myla Vie of course, and simplistic beats. Giving focus to the vocals means we can appreciate those honest lyrics. ‘Mistakes’ takes a modern twist on classic 90’s R&B.

Working tirelessly in her home studio to write, record and produce her up and coming EP ‘Irony of Loneliness’. The EP is set to be a masterpiece which continues the message Myla Vie is communicating through her music. Being an advocate for mental health, her music encapsulates her own experiences and the triumphs she has made.

Myla Vie is proving to be one of the most honest lyricists to be seen on the R&B scene. Taking inspiration from powerhouses Lana Del Rey and Rhianna, it's clear that this Queen is going to the top.

If there was ever a time for artists such as Myla Vie to come to the forefront of the industry, its now.

You can catch Myla Vie’s latest single ‘Mistakes’ linked below!


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