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Roisin McCarney is coming out 'Fighting'

Roisin McCarney.

McCarney is a Glasgow-based singer-songwriter. Taking girl boss to a whole other level, McCarney writes music, produces, works in venues as a sound engineer and has her own YouTube channel! (linked below of course). She really is working to have it all.

With the success of 2020 release ‘Day Dreaming’ McCarney is back with her 2021 single ‘Fighting’. A lofi classic. ‘Fighting’ was inspired by oddly enough, fighting. With 7 people in one house and the stresses of just being a girl, McCarney tells it like it is. ‘but because I’m me I tend to go into this alter universe and make up mad scenarios about what would happen if'’. A habit we are all too fond of these days.

‘Fighting’ features McCarneys powerful, soulful vocals teamed with a simple melody and lofi drumbeat. Perfection. Taking a focus on McCarneys vocals, if you don’t hear Miley Cyrus when she lets loose on that chorus…We are in a disagreement. McCarney and producer Jake Hynes really worked their magic on this one, keeping the accompaniment low key to show off the power behind Roisin’s voice.

Now, Miss McMcarney doesn’t only spend her time writing music and showing us how its done. She also completed her degree in Music Technology with 1st class Honors. Highlighting that the love for music can become a way to show your intelligence. With that, McCarney is the woman behind the sound. Making sure the artists at our gigs sound flawless. On top of that, McCarney also has her own YouTube channel. There you can get an inside peek into McCarneys life and other behind the scene bits and bobs. Although, somehow she still manages to fit in time to binge Netflix like the rest of us!

In between graduating, becoming a YouTube sensation and watching all that Netflix has to offer McCarney also heard her music live on radio! An achievement massive for any musician! After chatting with the woman herself, it became apparent that being a presenter is something that may be in her future. Could we have the next Oprah in our midst??

It’s clear that this Glaswegian is planning to make us all fall in love with her and her music. With new music already in the works with producer Jake Hynes, this summer is beginning to have the perfect soundtrack.


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