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Mean Rock n Roller: Rock Anthem of 2020

MeMe Detroit.

Defiant. Loud. Seductive. MeMe Detroit is sending us into a frenzy. Breaking the boundaries between grunge, rock and punk, MeMe Detroit is ensuring her name is known.

With over 200 live performances under her belt (definition of girl boss!) MeMe Detroit has quickly stolen the hearts of many within the UK music scene. Working non-stop to deliver a strong message. Be yourself (re-write). MeMe Detroit has built her fanbase through various platforms including radio and social media.

Gaining an impressive 2.195 followers (myself included) MeMe Detroit is well underway to becoming a UK Icon. All the elements of a rockstar are obtained. What elements do you ask?

  1. Cool af style (Check)

  2. F**k you attitude (Check)

  3. Abundance of raw talent (Check)

Now, let’s discuss Mean Rock n Roller. Between the guitar hooks and sick baseline lies the message of being one's true self, not conforming to society’s norms and really ‘sticking it to the man’.

‘Mean Rock n Roller’ is the anthem for those fighting the war on conforming to social ideals. Poetically challenging those trying to diminish the things that make you, you. MeMe Detroit has has released a banger for those of us discovering who we are, who we want to be and what we want to do. Sound familiar? I strongly suggest you hop on the MeMe Detroit groupie train.

MeMe Detroit shows the true extent of her talent through ‘Mean Rock n Roller’. Highlighting sexual vocals and intense multitasking skills on guitar, bass and even synthesizer! Providing us that glorious beat is none other than Kallum McEwen. Together, these 2 have delivered one iconic, punk rock anthem.

With air time spent on Kerrang! Radio and a frequent performer on BBC Introducing, MeMe Detroit is no stranger to the spotlight. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the necessary experience of attending a MeMe Detroit gig, however, I do have it on good authority that it is spectacular. And by good authority, I mean watching youtube videos of their performances. You need to go watch (link below!).

If you aren't already aware, Mean Rock n Roller has its very own fan-focused video. Showing each person's individuality in a way that lets them shine. The Stratford- Upon- Avon rockstar has gained a fanbase full of love and passion.

Demonstrating a strong influence from rock legends such as Foo Fighters, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes, MeMe Detroit has shown us how it's done, with her own added flare of course.

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