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ROWAN: No One is Safe Here


3 piece indie-folk band is following their self-defined destiny. Having had a history of working with various other bands the 3 lads finally came together to bring us ROWAN. Working together since 2019, the first single ‘Finish Line’ was a huge success and was released at the beginning of 2020. These guys are bringing their well-seasoned skills to the recording studio and creating banger after banger!

Now, you might be thinking ‘ why in the hell would a band be named ROWAN?’ Well, the guys being the nature lovers that they are, discovered the mystical power surrounded by the Rowan Tree and felt it fit them perfectly ( what do you think?). Channelling the energy of the powerful Rowan Tree, ROWAN is making headway with their music, both on stage and in the charts.

When speaking with the musicians I was curious to know what they viewed their biggest achievement as ROWAN was. With a humbled response of being able to create and perform as ROWAN, they have truly found their happy place. They also discussed the elated feeling of having their music included on Spotify playlists such as The Indie List and New Music Friday. (You were loving ROWAN without even realising!).

In terms of on-stage success, ROWAN have had the time of their lives performing with internationally recognised artists such as The Frank & Walters, Badly Drawn Boys and many others. Festival slots were confirmed, however, Miss Rona has postponed our dreams of seeing the boys live until summer of 2021 (we hope).

On November 20th, ROWAN, released their latest EP ‘No One is Safe Here’. 6 tracks of laid-back indie anthems. Packed with welcoming guitar riffs, piano runs and uplifting drum beats. (They are a talented bunch). Singles ‘Moonlight and ‘Big Wave’ have been gaining the attention of many, sharing the gracefully warming indie vocals.

‘No One is Safe Here’ is a tale of healing from a toxic relationship. Although, understanding that art is subjective, ROWAN is allowing their fans to decide for themselves the meaning of the EP. ‘ The beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ What does ‘No One is Safe Here’ mean to you? (Let us know in the comments below!)

All we can say is that there's a lot of heartbreak, hope, more heartbreak, acceptance and hope

To add a little bit of spice to this flavourful review, I asked ROWAN if they had to describe themselves as an animal, what would it be? And in true ROWAN fashion, i got a colourful answer. ‘I think Rowan would be this colourful abomination, like a zebra cat sloth fish that's been mutated together through a faulty cloning device, and spat out into India's Holi festival, dressed by the eccentricity of Mardi Gras.’

If that doesn’t intrigue you to know what type of band ROWAN are...I don't know what will!

Check out No One is Safe Here now @ No One is Safe Here



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