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Learn with Music: In support of Hear My Music

Learn with Music: In support of Hear My Music.

March 12th saw the Livestream event over on our Facebook Page where 3 wonderful artists performed in support of Hear My Music and helped reais £140!!

Hear My Music is a fantastic non-profit organisation that works in ‘enabling people with complex needs and/or Autism to express themselves as individuals through inclusive participant-led music making.’

This event is the last of a series of fundraising events bringing awareness to the power of music as therapy. With all the performances linked below and available on our Facebook page it is still very much possible to check out the performances!

Kicking things off is the incredible Lauren O’Donoghue. Bursting with warmth from the second she went live, O’Donoghue is definitely a performer you dont want to miss. O’Donoghue is an avid fundraiser participating in charity led runs. The music lover is also part of a powerhouse duo, The Laurettes. Loved by the local music scene it was clear Lauren was going to bring her A-game.

Performing classics from Macy Gray, Fleetwood Mac and many others, O’Donoghue also included her original music. ‘Homebird’ is a single about loving where you come from and appreciating all it has to offer. Check out Laurens Performance below!

Next up is the up and coming West Lothian star, Christie Oliver. Hitting us with her gorgeous cover of Catfish and The Bottlemen, Oasis and others, it was delightful to see that those in the comments were loving their Friday night. Oliver also kept the night upbeat with performances of her single ‘White Lies’. An indie-rock single that you just can’t wait to hear live!

Rounding the night off is Greenock nomad, Louise Glass. Glass finished the night off with covers of the legends, The Beatles. Whilst performing for the crowds, Glass also discussed her own music as therapy project, Broomhill Beatz. With a similar mission to Hear My Music, it was only fitting to have Glass inform the audience of her community-based project for kids looking to learn with music.

Now, if you missed the performances (we will let you off just this once) you can catch them on our Facebook Page!

Working with Hear My Music has been an insightful experience. Learning that the practitioners become a significant person within the participants lives through family involvement. The entire organisation follows the values of ACCESS.

A- Awareness of Ability

C- Communication

C- Creativity

E- Empowerment

S- Self-confidence

S- Self-expression

6 values which lead to those with complex needs to learn more about the world and themselves through music.

For more information or to make your own donations to Hear My Music follow this link:

A massive thank you to all the Charities and performers involved in the events! And a special thank you to everyone who donated to our fundraisers. All donations, likes, shares and views are immensely appreciated by myself here at musicstyleundecided and the Charities!




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