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Mind In Lockdown: In support of SAMH

Mind In Lockdown: In Support of SAMH

On Saturday 27th of February, we saw three stellar performances on our Facebook Live stream. Performances that helped raise funds for the amazing Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) who have been supporting those whose minds have been in lockdown.

At 7pm, Greenock indie-rock chick, Maya Jane kicked off the show. If you have been following us for a while you will know that we love Maya on MusicStyleUndecided. With her smokey vocals and eclectic music taste, she shows her love for music in everything she does. Performing covers of Amy Winehouse and Arctic Monkeys, Maya gave us a well-needed refresh on having fun in lockdown.

Throughout her 30 minutes set, Maya Jane had us laughing and singing along to both covers and her own original song ‘Everyday's the same’. A song written as a support mechanism for a close friend who was struggling throughout the pandemic. It's safe to say, Maya Jane was the perfect fit for Mind In Lockdown.

Next up was the vocalist Laura Murray! Slowing it down a touch with her pitch-perfect harmonies and stunning piano melodies, Murray pulled at all our heartstrings. Murray is an auxiliary nurse working alongside children, bearing witness to the tragedy of COVID. Having also dealt with personal tragedy throughout her life, Murray uses her music to process her emotions in the most beautiful way.

Murray performs acoustic versions of her own music which deal with the losing of a loved one and how to move forward. Murray’s performance was detailed with her powerful vocals and soothing piano! Ending the set with a mashup of fan favourites Miley Cyrus, The Climb and Rachel Platten Fight Song, Murray hit every sweet spot we have.

And to bring the night to a close was In Earnest. South-End on Sea trio who have been with us since the beginning! Switching things up by performing a full original set! Now, the trio may have been missing a limb in the form of instrumentalist, Toby but they gave us a glorious performance.

Performing tracks from the self-titled 2020 album, In Earnest, the duo encompassed the way that music can be therapy for mental health. Co-writer and vocalist, Sarah openly shares her struggles with mental health and how she uses music to cope. Expressing her thoughts and emotions through lyrics and defining melodies.

Let's get into music as therapy in terms of mental health, It has been scientifically proven that music has significant effects on our emotions, memory, mental state (check out Through The Decades to learn more!). There are 4 major methods that are used to help those dealing with depression, trauma, schizophrenia etc,

  1. Lyric Analysis

  2. Improvisation Music Playing

  3. Active Music Listening

  4. Songwriting

With each allowing you to process your thoughts and emotions in a different way (Warren 2016). Please click the link below to find out more!

To break into simple terms, music lets us focus on one thought, emotion, situation at a time and process it correctly. For example, I use music to focus on the positives which aid in calming anxiety and overthinking!

Even with Mind In Lockdown overall performances are posted on our Facebook page as well as the donation link! Any and all donations are appreciated by myself, the performers and SAMH!

If you are feeling overwhelmed please follow the link below to SAMH to speak to someone!


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