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New Tunes Tuesday: Part 5

This week's New Tunes Tuesday is taking through all genres of music! Read to find out the latest up and coming artists in 2021.

Conflict Hope.

3 Scottish rock n rollers banded together to bring you, Conflict Hope. Since becoming Conflict Hope in high school, the band have been working tirelessly to bring you some fantastic noise.

Releasing their debut single ‘Calm Before The Storm’ in 2020, Conflict Hope has done nothing but make moves. Beginning with what can only be described as sounds from a perfect summer's day, birds chirping, relaxing whistle, methodical guitar riff. Then boom! An explosion of guitar, bass and drums blesses your ears. ‘Calm Before the Storm’ does what it says on the tin, has you calm then releases the storm inside.

As the single builds, the bridge (my favourite part) has your feet tapping and your head bopping without your control. A soon to be crowd favourite, as soon as they are allowed to play for a crowd. Like many artists within the UK, the light is shining brightly at the end of the tunnel. With lockdown hopefully ending this summer, Conflict Hope are keeping their fingers crossed to perform live for their fans.

Conflict Hope have mastered the pop vocals of Twin Atlantic with the fierce ferocity of Royal Blood. A combination I will happily listen to on repeat. As should you!

Terreyl Fields.

This one is a tad different for your self-acclaimed indie-rocker here. Terreyl Fields, a US-based producer is coming at you with his latest single. After stunning success with 2020 EP ‘First Hit’ Fields is perfecting his craft.

'Icy Grooves‘I’ was released on 12th February and if you haven’t heard it I am here to educate you. This single introduces you to a genre of music that really makes you miss being 4 double vodkas deep and swaying in the club. A genre called ‘Space-hip hop’. We are all learning on this blog.

Featuring his own vocals, Fields takes great influence from the likes of Frank Oceans. Blending the lyrical movement of Oceans with 90’s house music, slowing it down just a tad to keep us vibing through 2021.

Fields has expertly honed his craft of mixing polyphonic beats to create pure brilliance.

You can check out Fields latest single on his new radio show! Along with all the music Fields is loving.

Cherry & The Fever Dreams.

This 3 piece rock band is ready to take on 2021. Formed only a year ago in February of 2020, Cherry & The Fever Dreams have been preparing for Lockdown (4?) to come to an end. Taking the time in confinement to produce music they love and build their fanbase.

2020 saw the release of the debut single ‘On Your Back’. A track filled with the emotions of lockdown 1 (because you get infinite lockdowns in the UK) and the longing for life returning to some form of normality. Having formed just on the brink of a global pandemic, Cherry & The Feverdreams stayed true to their punk influences of wrote, recorded, produced and released ‘On Your Back’ all within their bedrooms. A route most, if not all artists are being forced to take.

‘On Your Back’ is filled with fluid guitar riffs and psychedelic rock vocals. Perfect for you Radiohead lovers. Now, the band is working on new music to perform live. Looking to book gigs and have us singing along!

However, outside of being the punk rockers of our generation, Cherry & The Feverdreams also write ‘ Cherrybomb Zine’. A magazine giving focus to the women in music with all the proceeds given to Girls Rock London.



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