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New Tunes Tuesday: Where is the Love?

Nate Adamson.

This one from international waters! Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada (Yes, Canada) Nate Adamson is releasing his debut single ‘Grace’. Detailing the tales of summers on his family farm, ‘Grace’ is a true work of emotional art.

Within this piece, Adamson is writing to his future children (something nice said), specifically a future daughter in which he would hopefully name Grace. Spending his summers on his family farm, Adamson discovered his love for music through the legends such as Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. Later, he found his own tastes such as Kings of Leon and Phoebe Bridges. Various artists on all points of the spectrum all blended together to bring you ‘Grace’.

‘Grace’ is giving us 2000 love song and I am living for it! With husky vocals reminiscing of his past, you got to sway. Adamson keeps things mellow with this track which is a welcomed option in a world so loud. You can catch ‘Grace’ being performed like over on Adamson Instagram: @nate_adamson!

Now, how did ‘Grace’ become a reality? Adamson, being the amazing DIY King that he is, built his own recording studio from the ground up! A feat not accomplished by many. Adamson then went on to single-handedly write, record and produce every element of the single. (A man of many talents).

‘Grace is now available to stream on all platforms which, as always, is linked below!!

Frankie Davies.

An artist who is most definitely making her dreams come true. A country singer/songwriter who has shared stages with some of the biggest names in country music. Davies has built her career on writing music which relates to us. With her 2018 album ‘Wherever I Go’ gaining critical praise and going on to release not one but two singles at the beginning of 2020, Davies is moving big moves!

On 26th of November (This Thursday), Davies is releasing her single ‘If I Didn't Love You’. A beautifully honest single, reminding us of the power of love. Having gotten married this year, Davies was inspired by the relationships she has developed in her life. Friends, family, romances, they all matter in times of darkness (aka COVID-19).

‘If I Didn't Love You’ A song which makes you stop and just listen. Implementing effortless vocals paired with soothing acoustic guitars, no one can resist the calming and even heartwarming message of ‘If I Didn't Love You’.

I know what you’re all wondering…’ When can I hear this emotionally freeing song live?’ Well, I have an answer. Frankie Adams is playing at The Acorn, Penzance on the 26 of February 2021. Only 3 months away!

The Rills.

A true indie band based in Lincoln and Essex. Working together for 3 years as The Rills, the trio has been bringing us banger after banger. Taking great inspiration from the likes of the Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines, The Rills are out to spread their chaotic good vibes.

‘Stardog’ Out tomorrow! (25/11/2020) is the latest single from the mismatched trio and is expected to be stellar. After releasing their single ‘The Angler’ earlier in the year, ‘Stardog’ is sure to be a tune in itself.

You probably know The Rills from the insanely addictive app, Tik Tok. If not. What the hell are you doing with your life? With an impressive 98.4 thousand followers, the lads are finding enjoyment in their newfound fame. Making 30-60 long videos about the true thoughts of indie fans (confirmed by me). So, after The Rills dominated my FYP, I took it upon myself to notify you (the public) of their arrival in the world.

To keep us from losing our minds during the lockdown 2.0, The Rills performed on BBC Introducing Lincolnshire isolation session (link below!!) Where they showed us what they’re post-COVID performances are going to look like!


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