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New Tunes Tuesday: Part 6

Mayah Herlihy.

14-year-old country singer-songwriter is here with her 2nd single ‘Follow The Sunshine’. After copious amounts of success with her debut single ‘On My Way’, Herlihy is ready for more.

‘Follow The Sunshine’ is a hard-hitting single which shows the struggles of choosing your own path in life. Something we all tend to deal with in our own way. Showcasing her extremely strong vocals, Herlihy can only be defined as independent. In thought and voice.

Now, considering Herlihy is 14, yes 14, and still at school, it is expected that ‘Follow The Sunshine’ would be created during break. Never one to waste time, Herlihy quickly spurred on in recording the single and what a gem she has produced! Taking such heavy themes head-on paired with light and airy accompaniment is what keeps you listening over and over again.

A strong influence from the Gods of rocks, Fleetwood Mac can be found throughout the single. From the light brushing of the symbol to the powerhouse vocals, it’s hard not to fall in love with the music of Mayah Herlihy.

What’s the plan for this country-rockstar to be? Herlihy is looking to release more music throughout 2021 and begin performing for us live. With the help of her management (shout out to 23 Music Management) we will hopefully be seeing Herlihy performing live at a festival near you.

'I first started properly writing songs when I was 12 and since then I have realised that writing songs about personal experiences actually helps you cope with getting through'

Check out links to Mayah’s social’s and her latest single below!


UK-based alt hip hop artist BenObi is here with his latest single ‘Bedroom Kingdom ft Jeremey Johnson’. A blend of 2 completely separate genres of music. But who doesn’t love a good collab?

BBC Introducing Hereford & Worcester is where these BenObi & Jeremey Johnson entered a songwriting competition. Being picked at random to create their own music. Thus, producing the single ‘Bedroom Kingdom’. A true mashup of classic R&B themes, Americana vocals and harmonies. ‘Bedroom Kingdom’ is on the chill-out playlist for sure.

Breaking down the single you can clearly hear the different inspirations from both artists which work like magic. Each element is simple yet effective. Taking the contemporary R&B approach to beats by using electric kits then adding a classical component of a piano melody to create a lo-fi feel.

Looking for more from BenObi? He’s already released a 4 track EP ‘Cozey’. Which can only be described with one word. Vibe. We love a chilled out King who brings us music perfect for those late-night drives.

2021 is the year we (me, us, everyone) is hoping to see BenObi take to the stage. Although, only beginning his music career, he let on that there are bigger and better things coming from his corner of the industry!


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