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SHE: The Vibe for Summer

Hannah Mac. Seb Naylor. Eleanor Colee.

Effortlessly cool. Hannah Mac is back with her latest EP ‘SHE’. If you do one thing this summer, let it be that you stream these 3 tracks on repeat. These three crazy talented artists have brought us three tracks ready for those long summer nights.

After the success of her debut single ‘This Can’t Be’, Mac has been working on releasing her debut EP and it was certainly worth the wait! ‘SHE’ gives me all the cool-girl vibes I have been missing this summer! Released back in May, this review has been long-awaited.

The EP features strong influence from the likes of Jorja Smith, with a way of exposing the true emotions behind the words. Mac keeps us entranced with her effortless vocals whilst Colee works her magic on the saxophone.

Each track features a different theme, however, ‘mandalas’ has something for everyone. Stripped back to basics, ‘Mandalas’ features the depth of R&B bass, the sensual vocals then bursts with flavor and a hint of disco. What could be wrong?

‘Like mandalas, we will blow them all away’

Filled with smooth, captivating vocals and glorious saxophone riffs, it's hard not to love. All brought together by the expertise of Naylor, the EP is a true work of modern-day smooth jazz.


SHE- Listen Now!

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