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Paul Mullen: Not The Way I Used To Be

Paul Mullen.

East-Kilbrides rising Britpop king. Riding on the high of his previous releases, Wrong Desires and Stay Close, Mullen is now ready to release his 3rd single. It’s a good one.

‘Not the Way I Used To Be’ is the new hit from Paul Mullen. For all those struggling to find themselves, Mullen is normalising the fumblings of 24-year-olds everywhere. And we appreciate it! The single features lyrics so relatable, you’ll be dying to sing along on your first stream. (Because we are all going to stream ‘Not The Way I Used To Be’ aren’t we…).

‘Tired of being a lion’

With strong Britpop influences, Mullen scales back on his accompaniment, letting those strong, masculine vocals shine through. Taking a heavy lead from drums, pops of guitar really set the track off, just in time for those summer road trips & winter heartbreaks.

Previous releases such as ‘Wrong Desires’ and ‘Stay Close’ feature a more Glasgow, indie influence, however, all singles are the true tellings of a 24-year-old finding their way through life.

What's next for East-Kilbride rising star you ask? Well, Mullen has plenty more music to come and has post-lockdown gigs planned for us all to enjoy that gig life again! Keep an eye on Paul Mullen socials which are all linked below, of course!

Not the Way I Used To Be is out Friday 16th July!


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