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Roisin O'Hagan: Damn It, It's 2020

Roisin O’Hagan.

And she’s back! (Not that she really left) Roisin O’Hagan is giving us another pandemic anthem. Since the release of ‘ US’ (check out the review) back in October, O’Hagan has been busy. Achieving her degree in Music Journalism, performing at The Sound Lounge in London and creating some banging tunes.

This December (11th to be specific) O’Hagan released another hit ‘Damn It, It’s 2020’. Detailing the life we have pretty much all lived this year: bread making, zoom quizzes, new and abandoned crafts etc ‘Damn It, It’s 2020’ is the perfect song to wrap up a repetitive yet life-changing year.

You might be asking yourself, how does one even write a happy song about 2020? Well, Roisin has taken on the challenge and completed it with an A+. Venturing out from her country-pop genre to a more pop-rock vibe. With heavy support from the electric guitar.

Throughout, ‘Damn It, It’s 2020’ O’Hagan takes charge in voicing her opinions whilst keeping everything fun (because we all need fun right now). Using a fun, upbeat drumbeat the single never loses its pop feel as O’Hagan takes us through the notions of lockdown.

‘I hate the news, I hate the lies, I hate the men in suites’

(Can you tell that's my favourite lyric?)

O’Hagan informed us that a lot of the inspiration for ‘Damn It, It’s 2020’ was due to her own personal playlists. Consisting of upbeat electro-pop songs that lift spirits during these rather dragging times.

Now, if your wish is to see Roisin O’Hagan perform live you can check out her performance at Under The Apple Tree, using the link below (I highly recommend you do) and of course get to streaming ‘Damn It, It's 2020’. I guarantee you’ll be singing along in no time!


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