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Sunshine on Greenock: Anthony McElwee's latest single 'Juliana'!

Anthony McElwee.

Breaking his way out of Greenock, Scotland, Anthony Mcelwee brought us ‘Juliana’. Released in December of 2020, this is Mcelwee’s first single in 3 years!

Back in the happiness of the first lockdown. Remember the days? Banana bread, long walks, bingeing Netflix. Life was great. Back when life was good, Mcelwee wrote ‘Juliana’ inspired by the likes of Phil Spector and the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson. Out enjoying the sun in his back garden, Mcelwee got to writing his comeback song.

Juliana. A song that screams sunshine has seen great success since its release. Gaining over 7,000 streams and releasing its own music video!

To create his indie rock-pop hit, Mcelwee brought in the help of old bandmate, Ben O’Connor. O’Connor brought his love for classic and psychedelic rock to create the bassline for ‘Juliana’. Produced by the ever loved James McKenzie of SoundShape Productions. You can thank them for making this winter a little less depressing.

The single is the perfect summer gig finisher! Filled with light percussion, catchy lyrical hooks and smooth harmonies, who wouldn’t want to hear Juliana live?

Now, who is Juliana? McElwee states ‘The words are fantasy’ and after some research, it turns out the song was named by the fans through an Instagram poll. Sorry to all the Julianas out there!

What does McElwee have planned for 2021? This month will see the release of a new track ‘Moonshine’! Be sure to follow McElwee’s socials for updates!



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