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Tiz McNamara: Rush Love

Tiz McNamara.

Drummer turned singer-songwriter. Tiz McNamara is not for the faint of hearted. Releasing music which unleashes his thoughts on the world.

Irish performer McNamara saw music as his way of communicating whilst creating a name for himself. During his time studying music at a Liverpool university, an upright piano fell on McNamara’s foot causing his dreams of being the backbone of a band destroyed. Never being one to accept defeat, McNamara moved his sights to singing and is now on his way to stardom.

To kick off the new year, McNamara has released his latest single ‘Rush Love’. A love song detailing the tail of one falling deeper than they could ever imagine. What's that saying? ‘Love comes when you least expect it’. ‘Rush Love’ explains that even when the last thing we are looking for is to fall in love, the more we get to know someone the more we love them.

‘And the more I got to know you, well you really got me hooked’

‘Rush Love’ begins with a slow drum beat and a complimenting melody which is constant throughout the track. McNamara showcases his vocals and knack for writing intensely authentic lyrics with the support of a female harmony. McNamara keeps the backing track subdued, the drums and electric guitar taking centre stage, throughout.

Inspired by artists who create their art with no regard to the wants or judgement of others, McNamara has set himself the morals of being unapologetically him. Sharing personal experiences to strengthen the relationship he holds with his audience. Singles such as ‘April Fool’ is where you can grasp the emotion McNamara pours into his art.

Now for 2021 McNamara has some rather interesting goals. With the hope of touring (a hope we all share) he is also planning to study psychotherapy. Having an interest in the field, McNamara is taking the leap. I have also been informed that he is in the midst of writing his debut album. I for one cannot wait to see what 2021 has in store for Mr. McNamara.

To gain some insight into the life of Tiz McNamara, outside of his music I questioned what is something no one else knows...He did not disappoint. McNamara had his first, yes first!, gig in New York City. That's not even the most interesting part! Tiz McNamara sang on a Christmas No.1 record with THE Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams and Shane McGowan. 10 points to who can find out which single!

To reiterate, you need to keep an eye on Tiz McNamara and stream ‘Rush Love’! Add it to your car playlist and belt it at the top of your lungs.

Tiz McNamara. 'Making sad music for a happy world'


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