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Sturt Avenue: How Do You Think It Should Be?

Sturt Avenue.

Missed me? I’m backkkk! After some much-needed time off to adjust to being a functioning member of society once again, I am ready to keep you up to date on all the latest music you need to be listening to.

Sturt Avenue. South- Australian indie Americana band recently released their debut album ‘How Do You Think It Should Be?’. A storytelling of transitioning into adulthood and all the laughter and tears that come along with it. The album is a true mix of styles brought to you by those held dearest to lead vocalist, Bryn Soden. With features from Soden's dad, sister, and close friends, the group comes together to share their lives through music.

Taking inspiration from genres of country-rock, Americana, blues, etc, the album is a glorious blend of heartful tracks to relax to. With Sodens strong vocals capturing your attention and Tami’s stunning harmonies, you’ll never even consider hitting that skip button! As far as songwriting goes, the band came together, adding their own individuality to the album.

With live shows already happening in Australia (how lucky), Sturt Avenue are making their way to the top and becoming rock n roll stars! The band also has a sneaky 2nd album in the works just to keep you wanting more…

p.s can we please discuss how cool their insta is? Check it out!

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