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Night Bus Revival: Tragic Magic

Night Bus Revival.

A solo artist ready to release their personal stash of recordings. 5 track EP ‘Tragic Magic’ is literally a DIY project, showcasing music in its purest form. Recording at home using various objects which you would never correlate with music. Night Bus Revival takes being raw and authentic to a whole new level. Released on 11th December 2020 and gaining deserved recognition.

Kicking things off we have the melancholy song which deals with the consuming need to disappear, 'Nowhere'. We are immersed in the memories of past relationships and our lives before taking times for ourselves. Night Bus Revival uses a majority of acoustic guitar and soft yet deep chord progressions to portray the battle within. Using the natural sounds of birds to enhance the desire of freedom.

Moving through to ‘Brand New Estate’. A song which embodies a feeling most struggle with throughout life, the feeling of not belonging. Giving focus to his spotlight worthy vocals, we can hear the true talent Night Bus Revival possesses.

Now time for my personal favourite ‘Untitled Christmas Song’ Providing a more upbeat rhythm, although, still possessing dark themes. Digging into the sad indie rock genre, ‘Untitled Christmas Song’ is for lovers of James Bay. Using the tales of a Christmas night out to discuss the self discretion of our own mind. Including murky rhythmic drum beats and distorted guitar effects, ‘ Untitled Christmas Song’ is the one being added to my playlist (100%).

If you’re a lover of all things love, ‘Socks (one-way ticket to glorious space death)’ is for you. Steady guitar riffs, charming whistles and appreciating lyrics draw you in and brings a smile to your face. Giving a lighter perspective of companionship.

‘It’s not easy to see, Why shes in love with me’

A recurring theme throughout the EP, self-doubt. Night Bus Revival has described fears and emotions we all experience through his talent of using everyday sounds and making them beautiful.

And to finish things off, Night Bus Revival slows things down with ‘2:47 am on the hotel bathroom floor’. This track is what solidifies your love for ‘Tragic Magic’ as a whole. Using the reverb from the water dripping in the shower cubicle (insane I know) Night Bus Revival details a night of loneliness. When we open the bottle, ponder on what-ifs, text our ex and wake up in the morning with regrets.

‘Tragic Magic’ is a journey of endings, new beginnings and self-discovery.



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