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Jan Metternich: Outta My Head

Jan Metternich.

Welcoming in the new year is 17-year-old German musician, Jan Metternich. This one is for all the pop trap fans (if you don’t know what that is, keep reading). Metternich is continuing his musical success through to 2021 and beyond, meaning, you want to hop on this train quickly.

Having been a musician for most of his life, Metternich sings, writes, records, produces, raps and is mastering his skills on the guitar. In short, he does it all. Metternich released his first single in

2019 and since has gained a loyal fan base and generated over 4 million streams platform wide. A natural within the industry for sure.

Over the obstacle course that was 2020, Metternich released banger after banger which all received a warm welcome by fans, old and new alike. When asked what the favoured achievement of his blossoming career was, Metternich took the humble approach.

I think my biggest achievement is hard to define. You should not do music for the numbers or success”

However, he did share that his single ‘Wrong’ hitting 1 million streams at the end of 2020 was a moment he is extremely proud of. With only 1 year in the industry, Metternich is hitting goals many work years to achieve, a natural-born talent.

Now, in case you missed it. Metternich released his latest single ‘Outta My Head’ at the end of 2020. Gaining almost 200,000 streams the sad rap single is surely loved. Taking inspiration from the likes of Juice Wrld (the King), Metternich uses a piano melody as a baseline throughout teamed with low-fi beats and consistent vocals.

Outta My Head’ discusses the struggles of love, friendship and heartbreak.

‘I just wanted to be famous, they all pretending to be ’Day One’ and that is fake sh*t’

A rather bold yet truthful statement to be heard from the voice of someone so young. Metternich has plans to carry forward his success through an album which will be released at the end of 2021. Although, there have been no plans for live performances made (if I had a heart, I would cry).

To cheer us all up again, Metternich was given the task of defining his 'spirit animal' if you will. He defines himself as an Elephant. Very chilled in personality yet passionate and vibrant.


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