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Allan Purvis: Moet Review

Allan Purvis.

25-year-old singer-songwriter from Bishopton. Buckle up boys its time for summer. Purvis is here to provide the summer bangers. No stranger to Glasgow festivals, this lads here to ensure we're ripe and ready for beer-garden weather.

With 2 victorious singles, Runaways and Chasing Omens, under his belt he is ready to take on the world. Purvis is a shoe-in to become a summer favourite with his 'Not 19 For-ever' inspired tunes, we'll all be singing along at festivals in 2021...or 2022 if we're allowed. Recording in his bedroom from Bishopton, the singer is giving us nothing but belter after belter. No hiding behind auto-tune, Purvis isn't afraid to let us hear his real voice which can be heard in his new single.

MOET is the new single from Allan Purvis. Out tomorrow 26/6/2020. Moet is sure to make you

forget about the lockdown struggles. Grab your wellies, grab your camping chair, grab your Tennents and you're submerged in the good old days of TITP. With artistic influences from the likes of The View, The Killers and The Courteeners, you can't help but sway along and forget your troubles.

Starting off with a strong likeness to oasis, Moet swiftly brings us The Charlmanes/ Stereophonics vibes (I am not complaining). Kyle Falconer has some serious competition with those heavy Scottish vocals. Written in his bedroom in Bishopton, Purvis took to students to produce his new single. Daniel Beattie, Ted Huggins, Aaron Taylor and Euan Hill all deserve a massive round of applause for bringing us this masterpiece. Heres hoping to future collabs (wink wink). Out tomorrow 26/6/2020 on Spotfiy!

Purvis is hard to miss in the Glasgow music scene. Runaways (A favourite among mothers) and Chasing Omens were previously produced by the sensational Novasound. The only female-run production company in Scotland (Yasss hun!). These records have collectively gathered 5000 streams!

With a colourful vision for his music career, Purvis is out to make his stamp on the festival circuit. As an avid festival/gig-goer myself, I can't wait to be chanting "Maybe I should get away for today, Cause all the people round here make it abundantly clear that I'd be better off in outer space" Sing it with me!

So far Purvis has been able to confirm future gigs in Glasgows very own 13th Note. (Blame Miss Rona). Although, there have been promises of more gigs to be announced as soon as we are given the all-clear (I'm watching you Purvis). Plans to show the world what he's got, Purvis is looking forward to performing live for us all. Join me in following his journey to Rockstar status and the ups and downs along the way (pray for minimal downs).

Listen to Moet tomorrow 26/06/2020 on Spotify (in case you've forgotten) Be sure to add it to your playlist, make your mother fall in love and ensure Purvis voice is blasted through speakers everywhere! All social media is linked below. No excuses to not be following!

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