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The Great Leslie: Burn Me, Drown Me

The Great Leslie Band Profile Shot

Are you still living in the magnificent era of the early 2000s rock? Franz Ferdinand, Oasis, Linkin Park, and of course the Foo Fighter. Then I have got the perfect song to keep you believing that you are still cool and hip!

'Burn My, Drown Me' is the latest single from The Great Leslie and it is an utter delight in a growing list of hits. 2022 was a wild year for the band with mentions on all of the top playlists and a feature on BBC Introducing. And there is no slowing down for the brothers.

This is the second release for their upcoming EP "21st Century" and it is juicy. With zesty guitars, spicy vocals, and dominating drums, there is literally nothing wrong with this. You can fight me on it.

If there is one thing that The Great Leslie knows how to do, it is energy. I even love the Muse-inspired bridge!

Burn Me, Drown Me Artwork

Now, underneath all of the indie rock bravado, the lyrics are rather profound. As we all seem to ignore that the world is literally burning down around us and that literally cities are flooding, the rock band is determined to make you listen.

Prolific lyrics mixed with contagious guitar riffs, 'Burn Me, Drown Me" grabs you by the throat and demand that you listen. Saucy.

So, go listen to "Burn Me, Drown Me" now, turn off your plugs when not in use, and wait excitedly for the release of their new EP!


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