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Ask Alice: Glasgows Queen of Darkness

Ask Alice

Born and Bred Glaswegian, Ask Alice or Natalie Joy in the daytime, is here with her Debut EP ‘Heartwork'

After finding her passion for music at only 9 years old Joy has since become Glasgow's next sensation. With a love for all things Spoopy, the young artist is on her way to release one Spooky season soundtrack.

‘Heartwork’ is the newest release from Ask Alice. Taking strong influence from experiences of hurt and possible heartbreak, the EP is honest and raw. Exposing Joy's smooth, deep vocals, the collection has an element of authenticity that draws you in. Co-producers, LOWT & Robert Stevenson have worked closely with ASKALICE to produce an incredible Ep that is not only a collection of music but art in every way possible.

'I have chewed through my own heart, I've been picking all my pieces apart'

Now, with Spooky season now in full effect, the EP couldn't have come at a better time! Filled with orchestral elements and trap drum beats, Joy shows her love for all things weird and spooky, “So really there are no rules, the stranger the better.

As you fall deeper into the rabbit hole with Ask Alice, you sense emotion in every song. Joy is no stranger to using music as a form of self-expression, letting her experiences take over and create her art. Taking strong influence from dark-pop and all things gothic, Heartwork, encapsulates all the darkest parts of ourselves, manifesting them into complete beauty.

Along with the masterpiece that is 'Heartwork' is a double video a pure gothic brilliance. Showing off ASKALICE genius creative talent. Having listened to the full EP over and over again, Im still struggling to pick a favourite: Free World or Outro? Comment yours below!

Dark. Sensual. Downright hypnotic.

Ask Alice, Glasgow's own Queen of Darkness






Heartwork EP

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