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Book Lovers Wanted

If you’re an avid book lover this is the blog for you.

During quarantine, I've found myself falling back in love with reading physical books (paperback & hardback..I'm not picky). Reading a new book every couple of days I find myself reminiscing on books that I still cherish to this day.


Normal People.

The book of the moment. With the new television adaptation, this book is getting the recognition it deserves. This 2018, love story written by Sally Rooney is the most realistic plot I've read. Following the heart-shattering journey of Connell and Marianne, you find yourself going through the emotions of a real-life heartbreak.

Rooney is a hard-hitting writer who isn't afraid to discuss the issues in which we deal with in real life. When I first read this book I was 17 and had little experience with the elements of adulthood. Now, as I'm older (not much though) I notice the true power of Rooney's writing.

Connell, a shy boy and Marianne, an opinionated girl begin their tale in high school. Following the two through college and their intertwining experiences. They deal with breakups, mental illness, financial complications etc. Watching these 2 teenagers stumble through life is both transfixing yet the realistic portrayal ensures you're aware of your surroundings.

Just like the book, I was adhered to my screen. With the dry Irish humour it's hard not to watch. If you're in need of a good cry (or a breakdown in general) this book will have you in tears in no time. In happiness or heartbreak? That's the question.

Before I Go To Sleep.

This crime thriller has you asking questions from the very beginning. Author SJ Watson had this published in 2011. I read this book on a 4 hour flight from Malta. We follow the endless retelling of Christine. In a horrific accident which causes daily amnesia, Christine must work to untangle her life before the brain injury. With as many twists and turns as a pretzel, I struggled to take the obligatory flight nap!

Now you might be aware of the Netflix film ‘Secret Obsession’ with a similar plot. View at your own risk. I find the original 2014 adaptation much more thrilling.

As you immerse yourself in the deceitful life of Christine you begin questioning the people you surround yourself ( only slightly). This book will have you turning pages until there are no pages left to turn. This book is 372 pages of pure mystery. If you're not compelled to finish this book on the same day as you start it, we need to have a discussion.

Ill give you the sun.

This tale follows Jade and Noah. Twins with an admirable sibling relationship until their family are struck with tragedy. I'll give you the sun is the story of these two teenagers not only finding themselves but each other.

We are all aware of the meteors life can throw at us. This book shows that even our lowest points end and eventually, we start becoming ourselves again. Jade and Noah take us on the journey of death, grief, and all-consuming love yet Jandy Nelson brings life, humour and joy.

If you're looking for a mind consuming story of friendships, romance and even with a little bit of mystery this is the book for you. Unfortunately there is no film adaptation, some things are better left untouched.

This young adult novel captures the beauty in growing up. A concept which is often forgotten in this media run society. Nelson takes us back to being teenagers. When it was okay to make mistakes, fall in love and somehow, begin discovering who we are.

Tattooist of Auschwitz.

If you arent comfortable with the devastating truth of the war, I would give this one a pass. Tattooist of Auschwitz is the true story of Lale Sokolov, written by Heather Morris. This book is where Lale, the Tatoweirer of Birkenau, tells his experience of falling in love during the Holocaust.

Having a strong stomach for books containing blood and guts (as my aunt would call it) I struggled to read the events which took place. Lale details his life as the Tatoweirer, his privileges (if you can call them that), his sacrifices and his love story.

After reading this story, my faith in love has been restored. This extraordinary man is living proof that love prevails war.

And that we must look for the diamonds among the pebbles. Even enduring the horrors of war Lale and Gita find moments of happiness.

Morris portrays Lales' story in a way which directly addresses the devastation's which lie in the wake of war, yet highlights a human's stubbornness to find pockets of happiness.

Currently Reading

Conversations with Friends.

This book has been in my collection for a while. With the current worldwide lockdown I've finally been able to bend the spine. Conversations with friends is the story of friends/ex-lovers/ Bobbi and Frances.

As they find themselves in the company of married couple, Melissa and Nick, the girls find themselves realising the real world isn't as beautiful as their poetry may seem. They struggle with their own identity within the world and how their voices can be heard.

Sally Rooney, yet again, shows us the way life can twist and turn. In her own style of monochromatic writing, Rooney makes us consider our own mistakes and choices.

I'm only halfway through this book and I am turning pages quicker than I can read. Knowing that Rooney has the tendency to keep us on edge until the very end I am eager to find out what happens.

On My List

Crazy For You.

In the mood for revamping your whole life? New hair, new partner, new job, new town, the lot?

But not actually follow through. Because that's totally insane right? Same. Crazy for you is a full story on changing your entire life (with some mistakes made along the way).

Crazy for you is a witty, seductive, comedic crime thriller all in one. Or so the book tells me. During this pandemic its good to have an empowering ( and a giggle). I already know this one is going to be read in a bubble bath with a refreshing glass of wine. Okay, a bottle of wine.

Hopefully, as we watch the main character spice up her life, we can feel at peace stuck in our homes. Or even in our lives after lockdown. Being a young, ambitious woman myself, I often find myself imagining what could be. With this book I hope to ease the need for change in my life and remember to relax. Everything will work itself out.

Love Me Not.

Next, we have a crime thriller. 1 of 7 DI Helen Grace crime thrillers. In this one, the detective is faced with the cold-blooded murder of a loving wife and mother. Grace must solve the case before time runs out. Any mistakes could end her life.

This one is a must if you dream of being the smartest person in the room. Taking a break from the emotional turmoil of romance I've taken to the next best thing. Death. As my auntie recommended and shoved it in my bag, to me she emphasised that you

have to be quick-witted. Remember the small details. As if I'm not a perfectionist with the memory of an elephant.

Author M.J Arlidge is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. With sensations such as Eeny Meeny published in 2014, it's difficult not to anticipate his next release. Making it easy to immerse myself in his crime thrillers, he gives suspense, anticipation with a sense of reality.

As lockdown continues, my collection of books grows. You can never have too many books. There were just too many to mention on this blog. However, I hope you continue to get lost in the fantasy of romance, heartbreak, and grief.

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