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Call Me Back: Calum Bowie

Calum Bowie.

Aberdeenshire-based singer-songwriter, Calum Bowie is back with his latest single. Following the awesome success since 2018 and his latest single ‘Dancing in the Sun’, Bowie is ready and waiting for you to hear this winter banger.

Written to aid in the process of not only losing a romantic partner but his best friend all in one, the single captures personal moments between two people. Although, Bowie made sure this was a timeless single with energetic drum beats and a fun synthesized pop backing track for our listening pleasure.

Now, if you thought this track was yet another bedroom-produced track (which we all love), think again. ‘Call Me Back’ was sent to not one but three different producers with an insane portfolio of artists. Karl Zeigler worked with the likes of Larkins band, Jake Cartwright then worked on the track with artists like Tom Grennan in his pocket and Jamie Lawson put his spin on it after working with big names such as Lady Gaga. ‘Call Me Back’ is the full package and it's definitely worth the shipping!

Coming to you on all streaming platforms today, Bowie shows off his Scottish twang which lightens the hard-hitting lyrics of ‘Call Me Back’.

You can catch Bowie live at the King Tuts on the 23rd of January 2022!


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