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When I began the project, I confirmed 4/6 guests in order to establish the project would be a success. However, throughout I found that certain challenges became apparent.

With 4 episodes recorded and ready for publishing I was then denied publishing by one of my guests due to personal circumstances. This meant I quickly had to find a guest to complete the series. I reached out to Jennifer Imrie, a woman who previously worked in broadcasting who was willing to be interviewed at short notice. However, once I interviewed Imrie I was then informed that another guest could not interview within the time the project was due.

I took a step back from the project and looked at each individual episode and what they added to the project as a full package. With serious consideration, not being able to interview creator Natalie Joy did not take away from the projects message. I was still shining the spotlight on women working in music and continuing to progress the conversation around gender issues in music.

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